Please contact me for custom printing options. All prints are fulfilled locally in Victoria, British Columbia and I will work with you to ensure they fit perfectly within your space. Whether you are looking for a fine art print, canvas, framed, or mounted print, I can help make your vision come to life. Below are a few options, lets start working together.


JLM_6177JLM_6177 JLM_6082JLM_6082 JLM_6062JLM_6062












The CougarThe Cougar

The Cougar


The Morning RushThe Morning Rush

The Morning Rush (Least Sandpiper)


The FogThe Fog

The Morning Fog


The Evening FogThe Evening Fog

The Evening Fog


The Fall FogThe Fall Fog

The Fall Fog


The OtterThe Otter

The Otter


Orca - 16-10Orca - 16-10 The Orca


DSC_8084DSC_8084 The Alpine


JLM_5394JLM_5394 The Bear


If there is a photo you would like from my website not shown here, please feel free to reach out and we can chat about other options.